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Blessed Assurance: The Letters of John
"How do I know with certainty that I am saved and following Jesus?" Just like today, the church in John's day wrestled with doubts and confusion regarding their faith, so he writes to them providing various litmus tests of true Christian life. In this series, we will reinforce the basics of what it looks like to follow Jesus by highlighting specific beliefs and behaviors that accompany saving faith. When we compare John's teaching to our lives, it will either expose us and lead us to repentance, or it will assure us and lead us to rest. Discover the blessed assurance found in John's letters so that you too may know that you have eternal life!

How We Know Light From Darkness
April 9, 2017  ||  Nick Poindexter
How We Know Fellowship With Jesus
April 2, 2017  ||  Nick Poindexter
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