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Election Infection
With the election season upon us, campaigns are hitting their peak in a desperate attempt to try to win your vote. But all of the constant advertisements, empty promises, and aggressive debates can be overwhelming, even nauseating. In this series, we are going to wade through the messiness of the modern political system and discover what God says on the subject. We want to make sure we are filtering our politics through our faith and understand what it looks like Biblically to be politically active yet still honor our supreme allegiance to Jesus. Come and see how you can avoid contracting a case of the dreaded election infection!

How to Make America Great Again
October 9, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
The United Church of Jesus
October 2, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Do Whatever is Good
September 25, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
A Write-In for Righteousness
September 18, 2016  ||  Zack Matthews
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