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The name Collide provides insight to who we are and what our passion is. We intentionally chose a name that would reflect our mission that is encapsulated in this statement:

Connecting a hurting culture to a healing God through hope in Christ.

Or, to put it another way...

Where people and God collide.

What Is Important To Us

At Collide, we have five Core Values that all we do are filtered through. If something is not within the framework of these values, it will not be done. We would rather excel in a few areas rather than be mediocre in many.

The five Core Values of Collide Church are:

Communicate the Gospel
This is our evangelism element. It is our mission to ensure that all we say and do as a church is saturated with the Good News of Jesus.

Connect with God
This is our worship element. We want to see the church give themselves wholeheartedly to God (heart, soul, mind and body) in both actions and attitude.

Community with Others
This is our fellowship element. We are passionate about creating genuine unity between believers by doing life together rather than alone.

Commitment to Serve
This is our missions element. One of our highest priorities is reaching out to our neighbors, both locally and world-wide, through acts of love and service with no strings attached.

Continue to Grow
This is our discipleship element. Our ultimate goal as a church is to see consistent individual growth which spreads into a multiplication of disciples.
Worship Services: Sundays @ 8:30am, 10am & 11:30am
234 East Main Street, Yadkinville, NC