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Nehemiah: Breaking & Building
When Nehemiah hears of Jerusalem's broken walls, his heart also breaks. Not only is his city in shambles, but his people are demoralized. That God-given passion leads him to leave his comfortable job and take on the ambitious project of rebuilding the wall, despite the sacrifices it required and the opposition he faced. In the end, not only does Nehemiah rebuild a wall, he also rebuilds his people. This series will teach us how we too can witness God's faithfulness firsthand when we step out in faith. May God break our hearts like Nehemiah so that we build up His name!

Should've Known Better
June 12, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Let It Echo
June 5, 2016  ||  Jamie Reavis
Before and After the Amen
May 29, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
The Word and the Response
May 22, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Citizens of God's City
May 15, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Keep on Keepin' On
May 8, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Building Whose Kingdom?
May 1, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Haters Gonna Hate
April 24, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Time to Rise Up
April 17, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
Abandon Your Comfort
April 10, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
What Breaks Your Heart?
April 3, 2016  ||  Nick Poindexter
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