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Why We Pray
So, why exactly do we pray? What does prayer accomplish anyhow? Are prayers simply thoughtless words tossed into the sky? Or is prayer something more? Through this message series we will examine the Biblical purpose of prayer so that we may better understand the vital role it plays in our lives and relationships. Whether your current prayer life is nonexistant or more healthy than ever, we all can use a reminder of why we pray.

A Detailed Prayer
September 6, 2015  ||  Nick Poindexter
Praying with Power
August 30, 2015  ||  Nick Poindexter
A Prayer for the Church
August 23, 2015  ||  Nick Poindexter
Pray for Anyone About Anything
August 16, 2015  ||  Nick Poindexter
How You Should Pray
August 2, 2015  ||  Nick Poindexter
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